EasyEnvelope – email and push notifications service

Easy-Envelop – email and push notifications service

Due to our needs and market demands we have developed a service to send Email Directly From JavaScript and platform for sending mobile & web push notifications.

How does it work?
  1. Connect your email service

Choose from a wide variety of email services.
We support both transactional email services (Mailgun, Mailjet, Mandrill, SendinBlue, SendGrid, Amazon SES and Postmark) and personal email services (AOL, Gmail, FastMail, iCloud, Mail.ru, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex and Zoho).
EasyEnvelope is not sending the emails directly. Instead, it allows users to connect their email services, through which the emails will be sent. We support a long list of email services, both personal services and transactional email services.

2. Create email template

Easily build your own template. Choose the tool most suitable for you: text editor or code editor. Templates are parameterized, so that you can further customize them via JavaScript.
Email templates are required for each type of email that needs to be sent with EasyEnvelope. For example, you may want to create one email template for the contact form, and another one to notify the user that the contact form was received and will be processed shortly.
Each template contains fields like email subject, email body, destination email address, reply_to address, and so on. It’s possible to add dynamic content to the templates, by adding variables and populating them from Javascript.

3. Send email from JavaScript

Add our JavaScript SDK, and start sending emails!