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In 2014 HIWE SQS created the HIWE IT department in Čakovec (Croatia), with a vision to develop applications which enable quality control inspectors easier and faster inspections in the field. The first application NDT Studio App was created for the inspectors in the production control, production management, and quality control sector.

In 2015 HIWE IT started developing applications to facilitate field work control entitled FSM (Field Service Management) and has since expanded the development on multiple segments with a special focus on metal industry production like QMS (Quality Management Software), MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) and MPS (Manufacturing Planning Software).

HIWE IT is committed to developing high-quality applications to simplify production processes by making them faster, reliable and more productive.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Matija Zorković

Matija Zorkovic

CDO - Senior software engineer

Aleš Ružić

Ales Ruzic

Software Engineer, Project Manager

Tomislav Lukman

Tomislav Lukman

Software Engineer, Project Manager

Tomislav Wrana


Hrvoje Hrzenjak


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford