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ONE-IoT Platform

IOT powerful software solutions designed to monitor, track, manage and analyze physical IoT devices.IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols and providers. Highly available and performantONE-IoT Platform is a highly distributed system capable of supporting many simultaneous IoT device connections, with pre-built auto-scaling and redundant cloud infrastructure aimed to keep devices online at all times. Data OverviewOur Platform provides a macro picture of the devices of all the…


We build a Vue.js SPA on Top of Headless WordPress.https://www.vitalogue.com/ What does it mean? Before diving deeper into WordPress as a specific example, let’s make sure we’re on the same page as to what headless CMS means. Until a few years ago, we were used to traditional CMSs working a certain way. They were managing everything. By that I mean the backend (data/content management, roles & permissions, admin tasks) to the frontend (in most cases PHP-generated views) and everything in…

ONE-IoT Device Management

ONE-IoT device management is a platform to register and monitor your IoT devices with end-to-end visibility for total oversight and control. Features:Device managementRegister, manage, and operate your devices from a single interface Wireless remote managementSend new software updates to exactly the right devices at the right time Device health monitoringDevice Remote Diagnostics to reduce your troubleshooting time Event logsA clean simple interface with filters and modifier tools to view relevant data devices in real-time. WebhooksBridge the gap between the digital…

EasyEnvelope – email and push notifications service

Easy-Envelop – email and push notifications service Due to our needs and market demands we have developed a service to send Email Directly From JavaScript and platform for sending mobile & web push notifications. How does it work? Connect your email service Choose from a wide variety of email services.We support both transactional email services (Mailgun, Mailjet, Mandrill, SendinBlue, SendGrid, Amazon SES and Postmark) and personal email services (AOL, Gmail, FastMail, iCloud, Mail.ru, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex and Zoho).EasyEnvelope is not…

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