FSM - Field Service Software, Task Scheduling Systems and Reporting

Field Service Management Software (FSM) is a mobile and a web reporting & task scheduling system that provides powerful field service planning, workforce tracking, mobile data capturing and reporting customized to your needs. FSM is developed to work in difficult conditions and with compliance to all IP standards.

FSM was initially designed for quality inspections, factory/production organization, maintenance and management, but the system can be adapted to any other industry sector or service depending on the customer requirements.

  • The system works with or without internet access
  • The mobile and web applications are mutually synchronized
  • The mobile application is designed for difficult working conditions on the field

FSM delivers custom made inspection forms, paperless scheduling and reports, dispatching and reporting, production monitoring, inspection reports, and asset management in a low-cost solution for field service in real-time. By eliminating paperwork, it improves productivity by 40% and reduces administration costs by 50%.

  • Create fast and easy projects and reports from the mobile device
  • Capture field data and execute proof of service delivery more accurately
  • View and manage projects and reports
  • Protect your reports in compliance with safety regulations

• The website is used to create forms and workflows, add projects, manage assets, schedule and dispatch jobs, and to view inspection and status/progress reports coming from the field in real-time.

• The mobile application is used by workers to receive or create projects details, view, edit and send inspection reports, capture field information such as photos, signatures and text, and to create real-time inspection and status reports.

Mobile application synchronization technology works in the cloud-server or device. The application works with or without an Internet connection, in a way that upon the first Internet connection all the data is synchronized with the server and remains saved on the server.

Benefits for the user

  • Improved communication
  • Easy-to-use and learn (no training necessary)
  • Facilitated taking notes and editing pictures
  • Increased productivity

Benefits for the business

  • Faster service-to-report cycle times
  • Improved compliance and standardization
  • Accurate time tracking and expense reporting
  • Device-agnostic, configurable and upgradeable
  • Blazing fast performance, secure and scalable

Application Specification

  • Project management
  • Supplier management
  • Client management
  • Employee management
  • Application user management
  • Purchase management
  • Task management
  • Reporting (customized to the customer’s requirements)

** other additional options according to customer demands

  • Reporting
  • Mobile data capture

** other additional options according to customer demands