MWM - Mobile workforce management system

Mobile Workforce Management Software (MWM) is a comprehensive production organization and management software designed to organize workers by tasks and activities. MWM is a real-time smart solution for industry businesses with employees in the field.

MWM was initially designed for welding and assembly activities, work-flow and tasks, for factory/production organization, maintenance and management, but the system can be adapted to any other industry sector or service depending on the customer requirements.

  • The system works with or without internet access
  • The mobile and web applications are mutually synchronized
  • The mobile application is designed for difficult working conditions on the field
MAC and Laptop

Application Objectives
• Project management
• Human resources management
• Task management
• The documentation review
• The report printing

• Statistics

Application Goals
• Administration tasks reduction
• Web and mobile application synchronization
• Working from anywhere (online and offline mode)
• User friendly application design

• Web application – browser platform
• Android mobile software – android platform IP65 standard
• Android tablet IP65 standard

RH Quality

Application Features


• Project management
• Supplier management
• Client management
• Employee management
• Application user management
• Employee time-sheet reporting
• Task management
• NCR / NonConformity Report
• Documents management (PDF, DWG, Excel, etc.)
• Purchase management

** other additional options according to customer demands

• Employee schedule / manpower management
• Task and activity management
• NCR / NonConformity Report
• Documents viewer (PDF, DWG)

** other additional options according to customer demands

Revolutionize your workflow

The MWM mobile application is created to work with all tablet types and sizes of 7 “to 10” Android OS, depending on the customer needs.  Hardware can be either provided by us or we can customize the application according to the hardware provided by customer.

Our hardware recommendation: Fieldbook F60

The Fieldbook F60 is a versatile device that brings together the advantages of a handheld with bar-code scanner, the comfort of a large 6” multi-touch screen and the functionalities of a smartphone.

A mobile terminal dedicated to industrial use

12 times more pixels

Compared to traditional mobile terminals with built-in barcode scanners, the F60 displays twelve times more pixels (720×1280 vs. 240×320). This allows for easier data input and great reading comfort.

A professional barcode scanner

To scan barcodes quickly, precisely and with a low failure rate, a professional solution is essential. Therefore, the F60 features a built-in Honeywell 1D / 2D barcode scanner.

A mobile terminal dedicated to industrial use

The Fieldbook F60 integrates all the technologies required to optimize tasks in vertical markets: 4G LTE mobile broadband, NFC, GPS, Wifi, BT BLE
Docking station and user replaceable battery
Drop resistant to 1.2m
Large temperature range from -20°C to +60°C
Resistant to the intrusion of liquids and dust (IP67)


f60 fieldbook video